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Quotes and Ordering:

Quotes are strictly an exact price regarding what you are interested in ordering. In no way do they bind you in a contract with us, nor are they an affirmation that your commission has been accepted. When sending in a quote, please fill out our form to the fullest. Please include any details otherwise not mentioned in the Message section of the order form.   

Custom Character:

Commission Custom characters are required to have a clear 2-3 View reference of the character. This can be through various artworks, photos of existing suits, or most importantly Reference Sheets. You must have a clear view of the front, back, arms, legs, tail, and head. Any markings or colors that are inconsistent between artwork, photos, ref sheets, etc, need to be addressed in the quote form. Fur colors will be matched to references provided. If you have preferred fur choices or colors, it is your duty to inform us. Fur colors vary frequently so it is solely our authority to choose which colors best represent references provided. By commissioning us, you relinquish the rights to us to make the final decision in what fur colors and types to use for your character.  We will do our best to work with you to get the exact colors and fur types you had in mind, but it is not guaranteed.  Descriptions of characters, as well as references photos of real life animals are also welcome, however they are subject to our own interpretation. We have the final say with any design or concept that does not have a strict reference of it.  We specialize in toony fursuits and will generally stay within that realm of creativity. References provided that are more realistic, or otherwise far away from a toony design are indeed acceptable, but will only be used as a guide to making a toony fursuit. We will only attempt designs outside of our style when strictly agreed upon in a quote email with the commissioner. We will not replicate any other makers styles. Any failure to abide by the following rules may result in a fursuit that doesn't adequately match what you had in mind. 

Artistic Liberty Character Commission:

Artistic liberty characters are not required to have any forms of Reference. Any reference material provided may be taken into consideration, but does not have to be used in the final outcome of the fursuit. With artistic liberty, we only allow the choice of species. We will make the decisions when it comes to color, markings, and designs, although we do allow suggestions as to which direction this character wants to be taken.     

A NON REFUNDABLE down payment of $200 is required to secure a spot in the queue of fursuits we are building. For payment we currently accept credit, debit, bank transfers, checks, money orders, or cash in person for all US customers. Checks will be required to clear before your slot is considered secured. Our queue is based on the order in which suits are paid off. For example, someone who pays off their suit in full will be completed before someone who is on a payment plan.  We do accept payment plans. Payment plans do not account for the required $200 down payment and only reflect the remaining amount of the total. We expect consistent payments but we understand that emergencies do occur, and need to receive communication if you're having a problem with payments. If you have not completed paying off your suit within a year from accepting your quote, your commission will be dropped with no refund.         


All suits we make have a 90-day warranty from the date of shipping. if considering the warranty, please have the shipping post marked within the 90 days, otherwise fees may be applied to otherwise free services. The warranty includes, but is not limited to, holes or ripped seams, incorrect sizes of parts such as head, bodies, hands and feet, and areas where adhesives fail. This warranty will NOT cover wear and tear, self-inflicted damage, and incorrect sizing of parts of which the commissioner is accountable for (for example, having size 8 shoes but requesting a suit with size 6 shoes, or giving improper body measurements and receiving a suit that's either too small or too baggy). Any outside modifications (that have not already been given the okay by us) voids the warranty and any adjustments/repair thereafter will require payment. You will receive confirmation and a schedule of when these fixes will be made. Please bear in mind there will be delays to fursuits outside of warranty. We reserve the right to void warranty at our discretion.     


Refunds are not available for the $200 deposit, regardless of circumstance. Once a costume is complete, a refund is no longer available. If a commission happens to be cancelled during construction, a refund will be warranted based off what work has already been done. This reflects the remaining amount of the total cost and is calculated by hours worked on the suit and materials used. We hold the right to refuse and refund in full at our own discretion. Design and Changes After confirming your slot via deposit payment, you are in our system and your order is placed. If there are any changes you may come across, they must be made before work on your fursuit begins, otherwise they are subject to delays. 

Repairs and Alterations:

Repairs and/or alterations outside of the warranty are at the cost of the commissioner including shipping and return shipping. We may be able to give you an estimate on the cost of the repair, though it is subject to change. Once we have the suit inspected we will be able to give you an exact cost of the repairs as well as the completion time. We will not return a fursuit until it is fully paid for. If you're sending in your fursuit to us to get alterations or repairs we require that the suit MUST be clean before you send it in. We refuse to work on a dirty bodysuit for cleanliness reasons. If you send us a bodysuit that is dirty, a fee for cleaning will be applied. Cleaning a fursuit takes a lot of time so please do it beforehand.   

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